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PostPlay - Voiceover talent
Case Study: CrunchPrep 
CrunchPrep wanted to include video lessons as part of their educational course. PostPlay's native voice actors helped their students understand core concepts through the power of the human voice.
CrunchPrep used PostPlay's services. View the full interview below: 
"PostPlay was everything that we wanted. Professional voice actors, crisp and clear narrations, great customer support, and incredibly quick delivery!"
- Raghavender Rao Jitta, CEO @ CrunchPrep
What is CrunchPrep?
CrunchPrep measures your GRE performance over time so you know where to improve. Click here to view CrunchPrep's website.

What challenges and objectives led you to look for a vocal solution?
We wanted to include video lessons as part of our course, in order to help students understand concepts better. We wanted our content (lessons for the GRE) to be narrated by a native speaker in order to help our student base understand better.

What might have happened if you did not identify a solution for vocal talent?
We would have had to either record on our own, or continue with the current lesson structure that we have.

Did you explore other solutions prior to this that did not work out? If so, what happened?
We did talk to individual voice actors but it did not work out because we did not get the quality that we were looking for. Besides, most actors that we talked to were not used to narrating educational content, and hence took a lot of time than needed, to deliver lessons. We wanted someone who can deliver quickly.

What was most important to you when evaluating your options? 
The quality of the narration was very important for us. We wanted the narration to be clear, authoritative, top-notch, noise-free, and error-free. We also wanted it to fit our budget. PostPlay met all these conditions.

Did PostPlay meet your expectations? 
Absolutely! The recordings were of exceptional quality. We're very happy to have worked with you, and certainly look forward to working with you on more projects in the future.

Is there a particular aspect of our product or service that you rely on most?
We needed voice actors who can narrate our content and deliver quickly. Your service was exactly what we were looking for.

Who is benefiting most from our service and why? 
Our students will be most benefited by your service. They have been learning GRE lessons and strategies by reading on our website. But the video lessons (with the narration) that we will offer them as part of the course will significantly increase their understanding of the concepts.

How is our product or service helping you save time and increase productivity?
PostPlay helps us with top quality narration for our content, which we cannot do on our own, since we were looking for native speakers. We also appreciate that the work is finished well within time, always keeping us on our toes. There was minimal work from our end, and everything was taken care of by your team. With regard to the narrations, we did not have anything to worry about whatsoever, and that helped us focus entirely on the other aspects of our course.

In what ways did PostPlay enhance your competitive advantage?
PostPlay will certainly help us increase the quality of our product, and make our course more competitive. The high quality of narration will help our students understand our lessons better, and will help us surpass many of our competitors who lack similar services as part of their courses.

Since using PostPlay have you had an increase in customers or revenue? If so, what percentage of customer or revenue growth?
We are yet to see the effects of PostPlay on our course, since the project is not complete , but we sampled the video lessons in our beta, and based on the feedback that we received from our students, we expect a significant increase in our revenue once we launch video lessons. 

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